Shhh, listen. Rattling, crackling, static Inaudible utterances Our conversations are dry He licks his lips He looks beyond me I stare and wonder It fills the silence between us But not the space. Advertisements


I’m peeling. These cracks are fault lines. Water seeping in. I’m drowning. Shrivelled up I lay there unsteady. These cracks are veins Blood flowing through. Fists, fingers, nails Pulling me apart. Parts of me scream Others are silent I lay there unrecognizable. Take my breath Take my blood Don’t take me, yet.


A brush with death makes you a skeleton A taste of life makes your heart pulse. A hint of depression makes you human.

The Last Dance

I stare into his eyes. “Are you ready?” He asks. I nod, a flicker of fear pulses through me. My eyes can’t disguise the panic I am feeling. He grabs my hand, I can tell he Isn’t nervous. The fear subsides. “It’s just like we practiced.” His hand gently placed on my waist. The other: … More The Last Dance